Drainvac Generation 2 Central Vacuum – 700 AW

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Soundproofed, large-capacity (9 gal. / 41 L), 700 AW central vacuum. The semi-transparent canister shows when bag is full. Activac 3 filter and muffler included.

This model uses the following dust bag*, cage filter* and exhaust filter.

– The dust bag must be changed when it is full.
– The cage filter can be washed whenever the dust bag is replaced. Make sure it is completely dry before it is put back into place. DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER.
– The Activac 3 exhaust filter must be replaced every year or two according to the usage.

*The use of a dust bag and a cage filter is mandatory for this model. Improper usage will void the warranty.


1. G2E-007


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