Is Robot Vacuum Cleaners Worth it?


  • Convenient


  • Expensive
    Robot vacuums can be expensive. It’s an additional cost since you’ll still need a larger, more powerful one for deeper cleaning, stairs, upholstery, pillows, vehicles, elevated surfaces, and thick rugs.
  • High Dust re-emission
    Recirculate fine harmful allergens and dust back into the air.
  • Inefficient Cleaning Poor Suction
    Poor suction power and can’t reach the nooks and corners of your home where most of the dust and dirt is accumulated.
  • Short Battery Life
    Most robotic vacuum cleaners come with a limited battery life, are expensive and must be replaced regularly.
  • Noisy
    Unlike central vacuum cleaners that are mounted in the garage robot vacuum cleaners operate inside the house. There is nothing more irritating than the loud noise of a vacuum cleaner inside a house.

Frequent Emptying
Robot vacuums have a small, built-in small dustpan or dustbin Since robot vacuums fill quickly, you’ll have to empty them often.

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